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Caring for Your Onbuhimo/ Scout


Keeping your Sakura Bloom Scout and/ or Onbuhimo fresh and clean is easy. Follow our simple care instructions below.



Get a little something on your carrier? Spot clean fabric when necessary with a gentle detergent and cool water. 

Need a deeper clean? Follow our detailed written instructions below for washing your linen and leather Sakura Bloom Scout and/or Onbuhimo.

1. Handwash in cool water with a gentle detergent free from optical brighteners and enzymes, or you may wash in the washing machine on DELICATE, with COOL water.

2. Lay out your carrier on a clean towel and roll to press out excess water.

3. Hang to dry out of the sun. Steam iron the linen, if desired.

4. Condition leather using a small amount of leather conditioner on a clean, dry cloth (preferably white). 

TIP! Conditioning your leather straps once a month, or so as needed will keep it soft and looking its best. 

We likeTHIS leather conditioner andTHIS detergent. 


To preserve the life of your Sakura Bloom Scout and/or Onbuhimo follow our storage recommendations below.

For Everyday Storage - We like to keep our Scout/Onbuhimo hanging by our door, ready to go, keeping them out of direct sunlight when not in use. On a hanger in the hall closet or bedroom helps preserve the straps evenly. For compact travel, both carriers fold up nicely into themselves. Added tip: you can detach the strap and secure it around the folded carrier for the slimmest profile.

Long Term Storage - If you plan to store your Scout/Onbuhimo for an extended period of time, we recommend not folding the leather straps as to not crease it.