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Captured: Dani + Jimmy



Parents to Elliot, Asher, and new baby August, Danielle and Jimmy live in northern New Jersey, where they balance life running a photography and illustration studio together, teaching at a local school, and raising a household of boys. Follow along in Captured as we chronicle the end of their pregnancy and changing lives as they become a family of five.


New Jersey | Week Twenty      View Captured: Week Twenty

 New Jersey | Week Sixteen      View Captured: Week Sixteen

Dani + Jimmy // Captured, Week 16

New Jersey | Week Twelve      View Captured: Week Twelve

Captured Week 12

New Jersey | Week Eight      View Captured: Week Eight

New Jersey | Week Six      View Captured: Week Six

 New Jersey | Week Four      View Captured: Week Four

New Jersey | Week Three      View Captured: Week Three

New Jersey | Week Two      View Captured: Week Two

New Jersey | Week One      View Captured: Week One

Captured Dani and Jimmy

New Jersey | Birth | March 13 2015     View Captured: Birth

New Jersey | Pregnancy | March 2015     View Captured: Pregnancy



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