Mr. Blue Skye for Sakura Bloom, Vol. IV

September 12, 2017

Using nature’s blueprint, Mr. Blue Skye creates magic once again! In this fourth iteration, textile artist Rachel Ehlin-Smith has chosen our signature Belgian linens as her canvas - individually hand-dying each piece using locally foraged flowers, greenery and natural elements in her Little Italy studio.
Eucalyptus. Marigold. Cochineal. Iron. Separated into three colorways, every carrier has unique leaf and flower placement resulting in the same dye tones with slight variation in dye pattern. This kaleidoscope-effect is a collector's dream, and wearable all year long.Once the linen is dry, the process moves from Rachel's studio to our coastal San Diego workshop up the road. This is where we craft each carrier to perfection adding all of the final touches - our signature matte gold rings and soft supple American leather, sourced from our local southern California tannery.
The Sakura Bloom x Mr. Blue Skye Vol. IV collection includes double layer linens and linen + leather onbuhimos. Luxurious yet laid back; these one-of-a-kind works of art weave the natural world in with you and your baby.
Enjoy the lookbook hereMr. Blue Skye for Sakura Bloom, Vol. IV drops in the shop Thursday September 14, 10am Pacific Time.


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