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which sling is right for me?

Our Textiles: Linen vs Silk

Sakura Bloom baby slings are crafted of only the world's finest all natural fibers: soft Irish linens, lush dupioni silks, and rare, wild silks. Each sling is made with care in Massachusetts, USA.

Our Silk is amazing. It is not shiny or slippery but, is beautiful handwoven nubby silk with natural variations in the weave.  Silk fibers are very short, giving the textile a tiny bit of give to it. Our silk slings move with you and create the feeling that this sling was made just for you and your baby, molding perfectly to fit you both every time. Sakura Bloom silk slings are super supportive, breathe wonderfully, and drape beautifully.  

Our Linen is amazing in its own right.  Linen is naturally antibacterial with a built-in wicking property to it, so is fantastic for hot climates where baby might be sweating.  It will wick moisture away from the baby and then dry quickly on its own keeping you both comfortable.  Linen is made from Flax which is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers. Flax is 5 times stronger than cotton! Sakura Bloom linen slings breathe beautifully, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Linen: Single vs Double Layer (all Sakura Bloom Silk slings are double layer)

The main difference between the single and double layer linen is support.  A double layer sling will always be more supportive than a single layer sling.  This extra support really comes into play as your baby gets bigger.  The single layer is great and very supportive, but the double layer is really the cream of the crop!  
Also, if you live in a warm climate, both options (single and double layer) should be fine for you.  Our linens are not only cool, but breathe extremely well and also wick moisture away from the body.  You can't go wrong with either of them!



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