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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I start using a sling with my baby?  You can start using a sling at any time—with a newborn or even with a child up to age 3. 

How long can I use the sling?  You can use the sling through the toddler years—until either your child’s weight is too much for you or your child is no longer interested in being carried.  As your child grows, their time spent in the sling will decrease proportionate to their time spent walking. 

Why should I choose a ring sling?  Ring slings are wonderful for many reasons.  They are simple to use, easily adjustable so that parents may share, conform comfortably to babies’ bodies, and can be used from the newborn stage all the way through the toddler years.  If your baby falls asleep in a ring sling, you can either let them snuggle with you for a nap or gently put them down without awaking them.  You can nurse a baby in a ring sling, sit down while baby is napping or nursing, read a book, go online, go for a walk, go shopping, go out for lunch, and so on.  The possibilities are endless.  The style is timeless and convenient, yet modern and elegant.

Why are Sakura Bloom slings made from silk?  Silk is perfect for a baby sling: it is a natural fabric so it breathes well, it is extremely comfortable, and it is “grippy” which means that it will not slip in the sling rings.  Thus, in addition to being beautiful, it is also the most practical and secure fabric for a ring sling.

But…isn’t silk just for special occasions?  Not at all!  Sakura Bloom slings are also perfect for everyday use.  That’s right, everyday use.  Splash water on it?  No problem.  Baby spit up on it?  No problem.  Our silk is fully washable.  You will find your Sakura Bloom sling as indestructible as it is indispensable.

Will I have to fiddle with the sling a lot once its on?  Definitely not!  One of the beauties of silk is its “grippiness.”  Once you get your sling perfectly adjusted for you and your baby, you will have to do little more than make slight adjustments to it when you are putting it on and taking it off.   Only very rarely should you have to adjust the sling once you have your baby in it.  Silk does not slip in the rings and holds its shape in between wearings.  It is simply a fabulous fabric for comfort and safety.

Can I wash the sling? Yes, wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle.  Hang it to dry and steam iron it if you like.  The silk will lose a bit of its sheen and the fibers will soften nicely.  If you do choose to dry clean your sling, please use an environmentally friendly cleaner so that your child is not later inhaling dry cleaning fumes on the sling.  Be sure to unthread your sling before you clean it, regardless of which cleaning method you use.

I find that other carriers hurt my back and shoulders.  Is a Sakura Bloom sling comfortable?  Yes.  In a ring sling the weight of the child is born by your back, not your neck and shoulders.  The overall sling design and high positioning of the child in the sling ensures that the weight is distributed evenly across your whole back.  If your back does hurt in a Sakura Bloom sling, you are most likely wearing the sling incorrectly. 

Is the sling safe?  Yes.  Sakura Bloom slings have a simple and secure design.  We use two layers of dupioni silk for safety and durability.  If you always ensure that both rails are tight, that baby has a secure seat and clear airway, and you follow our safety guidelines and use good common sense while using the sling, it is very safe for your baby.

When should I put my baby in the sling?  Anytime.  You cannot oversling your baby.  If you do have a fussy baby, however, the best times to sling your child will be when she or he is fed, well-rested, and has on a dry diaper.

Is the sling portable?  Yes.  Sakura Bloom slings can be folded or rolled to fit into most diaper bags.

Can I nurse in the sling?  Yes.  With a little practice, it is very easy to nurse in a sling.  The tail of the sling makes a great privacy cover for nursing (and a great sun shade as well!).


Are Sakura Bloom slings for women only?  No!  Ring slings are great for fathers as well as mothers, or for grandparents, babysitters, and other friends.  Our slings fit most people and can easily be shared.

Do Sakura Bloom slings come in different sizes?  No.  Sakura Bloom slings are designed to fit all body shapes and sizes.  For example, a 5’2” woman and 6’2” man will comfortably share a Sakura Bloom sling, and a newborn baby and older toddler will also comfortably ride in the same sling (but not at the same time!).  However, if you fall at one of the far ends of the weight/height spectrum, you are welcome to contact us with questions about the fit of our sling prior to or after purchase.

On what shoulder should I wear my sling?  On the one that is more comfortable for you; it is solely a matter of personal preference.  All of our slings can be worn on either shoulder.  We do, however, offer right or left shoulder options for all slings with detailing along the top rail (the Tamarind, Tea Party, Peacock, and Bird of Paradise slings).  This is solely for aesthetic, not functional reasons and is thus unnecessary for our other slings.  All Sakura Bloom slings can easily be shared by left-shouldered and right-shouldered users.

My baby looks squished.  Is this okay?  In most cases, yes.  As long as your baby has good airflow, then some “squishiness” is okay.  Babies should be very snug in the sling.  Remember the sling fabric conforms to the baby, so your baby is being enrobed by the fabric, not forced into an awkward position.  And, as you know, if your baby is uncomfortable, he or she will let you know right away!  If your baby is in the sling, is not fussing, with their bottom at your belly button, and with good airflow, then they are not really squished, but are in the sling correctly.  In fact, babies tend to love the swaddled sensation and close contact.

My baby hates the sling.  What can I do?  Get moving!  The best thing to do is to be active.  Go for a walk.  Clean.  Dance.  Anything to get baby comfortable immediately so that he or she settles in.  Other things to try: different carrying positions and/or building your own sling confidence.  If you are nervous about using the sling, your baby will be too.  

I still don’t get it.  What other tips do you have?  Try to find a sling consultant in your area to help you out.  Or, contact Sakura Bloom to set up an email or phone consultation.  Our goal is for you to use and love your sling!

How can I find out more information about slings?  A great site for information about all types of baby carriers is http://www.thebabywearer.com

What does Sakura mean?  Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom.  It is pronounced sah-ku-rah without accent or stress on any of the syllables.  Cherry blossoms are treasured in Japan where they have inspired decades of gorgeous fabrics….and now a sling company in the USA.

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